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Lose Weight and Keep it Off for Good!

Introducing an Exciting New Weight Program at Amethyst Wellness

I’m always looking for products and tools to help my clients achieve their goals.  Amethyst Wellness in Palm Coast, Florida was founded with the intent to promote healthy living through nutrition and healthy lifestyle.  Over the years we’ve offered different weight loss options and evaluated which things work the best. 

Weight management can be frustrating for both clients and providers because there are so many issues that will impact success.  Which diet plan is right?  Who do you listen to?  Have we addressed the outside factors that contribute to weight gain?

I discovered my latest favorite plan at a non-related gathering when I met a “Health Coach”.  Intrigued, I asked more about what she does for clients.  She introduced me to the program and invited me to observe the Facebook support page.  I was amazed at the success stories shared by the participants.  People were losing weight, learning how to eat healthy and supporting each other during the journey. 

We’ve used meal replacement plans in the past, but this program is different in many ways.  The program has 4 components to help you achieve your goals. 

First, you get a health coach.  Every week, your coach calls you and will help you navigate the plan.  Any issues or concerns can be shared during this time.  It’s so helpful to have accountability and someone in your corner, devoted to your success.    

The second component is community.  The support from other people participating in the program is invaluable.  Many of these people have experienced the same struggles and will gladly encourage others along the way.  Members also post healthy recipes. 

The third is education.  Getting our minds healthy is a vital part of a successful program.   There is a “Lifebook” which is kind of a journal that helps you recognize your relationship with food.  Many times, unhealthy eating habits are linked to certain issues like stress.  The Lifebook guides us and encourages us to work through these issues.  We develop strategies to overcome obstacles so we can not only lose weight but keep it off.

Finally, the program is about proper nutrition.  Eighty percent of our weight is determined by our diet.  It’s the most important factor in weight loss and getting healthy.  The fuelings in the program are delicious and loaded with nutrients and probiotics.  On the program, you eat a fueling or meal every 2-3 hours.  This allows you to feel satisfied and maintain your muscle mass.  Once a day, we also make a healthy “Lean and Green” meal using protein and vegetables.  This helps us learn how to eat healthy every day.  This simple program is easy to follow, increasing your success.

Once you achieve your weight loss goals, there is a transition phase where you incorporate your healthy eating habits into your lifestyle.   Going back to old habits will simply lead to weight regain.  This phenomenon can be particularly harmful because weight regain after a weight loss program typically is mostly fat gain.  It’s important on any plan to maintain muscle mass which will keep your metabolism going strong. 

While I was researching this product for my clients, I wondered if it would work for me.  I was not immune to the COVID weight gain that has plagued so many people.  My weight had slowly crept up despite eating mostly healthy and exercising.  The stress and disruption of my routine during COVID, allowed about 10 pounds of weight gain.  I decided to try the program and I lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks.  That’s satisfying research!

I’m so happy with this program that I’ve decided to add it to the weight loss options at Amethyst Wellness.   This program can be done alone or in addition to our other services. 

Want to learn more?  Set up a call with me today: 386-283-4180. 

Here’s to your health,

Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy Coopersmith

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