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Natural ways to Balance Hormones.

If you can balance your Hormone levels naturally, this is always the preferred method. Below, I list a number of healthy practices which may help to normalize your hormone levels. 

1) increasing the amount of Protein that you eat- 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal

2) Regular Exercise

3) avoid sugar and refined Carbohydrates

4) Learn to manage stress- there is really a thing called Cortisol steal. This guarantees that during stressful times, your body will select to Cortisol instead of Sex Hormones. The reason, is you can live without Sex......maybe not well.... but without Cortisol, you would die. A daily practice of Meditation, Yoga and sexual actiivity helps to promote Vagal Nerve/parasympathetic stimulaton. So laugh and love as often as possible!!!!

5) consume healthy fats

6) Avoid overeating and under eating- both cause stress

7) Drink green tea

8) eat fatty fish often

9) Get consistent high quality sleep. When you suffer from insomnia, you drop Testosterone levels. If you have sleep apnea, get a cpap or bipap. It may not be sexy, but neither is stiking out in the bedroom. If you are tired or stressed out from work, that may be the wrong time to force the sexual issue. Maybe that is the night to practice just being together. This will increase Vagal tone and possibly make sexual activity more possible later. 

10) narcotics lower Testosterone levels. 

11) lay off sugary drinks- and caffeine is not your frien either. 

12)  consume a high fiber diet

13) eat eggs- a good source of protein. 

These are just some things you can do to help decrease insulin levels and normalize the other hormones as well. 

Jerald Coopersmith, ARNP-BC Nurse Practitioner- certified in Family Medicine- ANCC

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