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Amethyst Wellness is now offering Skin Care services


Chemical Peels

Amethyst Wellness offers chemical peels which treat a variety of issues. Many clients new to the chemical peel have a misconceived notion or a fear of the peel. This interview with Dr. Amy Coopersmith, the lead nurse practitioner at Amethyst Wellness will help clear the air.

PCA SKINĀ®, the originator of advanced blended chemical peels, has been and continues to be a trusted industry leader in the development of effective anti-aging treatments that provide a proven process of aesthetic science for healthy, beautiful skin. 



Q: What is a Chemical Peel?

A: A chemical peel is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin.  A specially formulated chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate.  The treatment affects the outer layers of skin, which eventually peel off.


Q: What are the benefits of a chemical peel?

A:  Most people notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, an overall brightened skin tone and softer, smoother skin. 

People notice the following improvements after a peel:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improvement in acne breakouts
  • Diminished discoloration and more even skin tone
  • Reduced inflammatory response
  • Overall brightened skin tone
  • Smoother, softer skin


Q: Is there downtime with a peel?

A: While many people envision their skin sloughing off after a peel, this is not the typical case.  The newer formulations of chemical peel provide the benefits without the unsightly shedding of skin.  PCA Skin chemical peels leave you with a healthy glow and minimal redness.  Some people even get a peel during their lunchbreak.   You may have mild redness immediately following your peel.  After a few days, you may notice skin peeling.  Some people experience a mild flaking, while others have more pronounced peeling which may last for several days. 


Q: Does it hurt?

A: PCA Skin chemical peels are formulated with unique ingredient blends that work with your skin to allow for comfortable treatments.  You may experience tingling and increased warmth.  Your practitioner will monitor your response to the treatment to ensure your comfort.



Q: Who should get a chemical peel? 

A: Most people are candidates for a chemical peel.  There are many different formulations which allow your practitioner to choose the right product for you.  Even clients with very sensitive skin, can get a Sensi Peel. 


Q: How do I know if a peel is right for me?

A: The first step is a consultation.  At Amethyst Wellness, all consults are free.  Our practitioners are specially trained to recommend the best treatment for you.  Call today for your next step toward healthy and radiant skin. 


Daily Skin Care

We also offer complimentary skin care consults with recommendations for PCA products and daily skin care to help you look and feel your best. Great results are about selecting the right products and treatments. Our professional skin care consultants are trained to address each skin condition holistically, with product recommendations combining the newest and most efficacious ingredients paired with proven, tried and true ingredients to create visible results. 

The foundation of every healthy skin regimen includes a morning antioxidant, targeted correctives, a broad spectrum SPF, a nighttime retinol and customized professional treatments.


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PCA Chemical Peel Demonstration


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