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Amethyst Wellness in Palm Coast, Fl offers Peptide Therapy.  Jerald Coopersmith, ARNP specializes in the administration of peptide therapy and provides individualized consultations to best determine the clients’ needs.


What is a Peptide?

Peptides are amino acids that are put together in a certain sequence. These peptides occur naturally in your body. They work as communication signals. This is how the body communicates with the glands and organs to tell them to do things.  As we age, we lose the ability to produce some of these signals.  Different Peptides work in different ways and have different effects which must be considered carefully. A qualified medical provider must prescribe these Peptides.  Peptides can be of huge benefit if prescribed properly, but they can also be dangerous if they are abused.

What are Peptides used for?

Peptides can treat of variety of conditions.  They may be used to boost immunity, preventing and treating certain illnesses.  Peptides are sometimes used in weight loss or muscle building.  They can also treat certain pain syndromes and specific disease states like Diabetes.

How are Peptides administered?

Many Peptides are administered by subcutaneous injection.  The clients administer the injection to themselves using a tiny needle into the fat tissue.  The needle is so small, the injection is virtually painless.  Other peptides can be administered using a nasal spray.

Are there any side effects?

The side effect profile for most of the Peptides is very low.  In fact, some studies show that the side effects were less than placebo.  However, this is a prescription medication and certain side effects are possible and include soreness at the injection site, transient high blood sugar, development of antibodies, fluid retention, stomach upset and alteration in lipid profiles.  Side effects are typically dose dependent and the problems resolve once treatment is adjusted.

Who should not receive Peptide therapy?

Some Peptides are contraindicated for those with a history of cancer.  However, other Peptides can be used to treat cancer.  A thorough and accurate health history is essential for your provider to choose the most beneficial and least harmful treatment for you.


Types of Peptides

The possibilities are endless.  Here are a few of the Peptides offered through Amethyst Wellness.

Thymosin alpha-1 (TA-1)

Thymosin alpha-1 is the most recommend peptide for immune stimulation.  This should be used as a treatment adjuvant and a prophylactic aid can help with may conditions beyond viral illness!

After age 30 your thymus gland, an important part of your immune system begins to degenerate.

Thymosin Alpha -1 was one of the first peptides isolated and identified and is derived from the thymus gland tissue.

How does it work?

It up-regulates cytokines which are interleukins involved with the immune response. In addition, it identifies the immune system cells that have been infected with the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is an envelope virus. That means that it is difficult for the immune system to identify until it has entered the cell and caused destruction.

Thymosin Alpha-1 has strong antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti- fungal properties. It has been shown to be effective in HIV, and Hepatitis B and C infections. Lyme’s disease and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections and Epstein-Barre (EBV) infections also respond well to this peptide. 

It has also been shown to be effective against many different cancers and can be added on to treatment regimens.  It can even be helpful in making immunizations work more effectively.


This product was designed by Russian biochemists.  It is inhaled nasally.  Selank is a variant of the immune molecule tufstin and has potent antiviral properties in addition to its neurological effects.  It is particularly active in the lung and respiratory tissues.  The antiviral characteristics of Selank were evaluated in both in vitro and in vivo against influenza virus strain H3N2 and H5N1 and Herpes virus 1, 2 types. It was shown that Selank may have the prophylactic(preventive) effect during influenza infection and therapeutic effect during herpes virus infection. It could also be helpful for COVID19. 


This is the best treatment for weight loss and muscle retention. It is a combination peptide and causes the anterior pituitary to release growth hormone. This growth hormone, then travels to the liver and causes the liver to secrete IGF-1 in a very predictable amount.   IGF-1 works by causing tissues such as muscle to grow.  It also encourages angiogenesis, increased blood flow to support these new tissues.

CJC1295/Ipamorelin can increase bone density, strengthen the cardiovascular system, regenerate nerve tissues, strengthen the immune system, improve cognition and memory and increase sex drive.  It also increases muscle mass, improved the ability to burn fat and improved recovery and repair from injuries. 


This peptide is indicated for those who need to lose a large amount of weight quickly.  Tesamorelin works by causing an even more dramatic rise in IGF-1.


MOTS-c is a mitochondrial-derived peptide that is primarily used for fat loss but has also shown efficacy for muscle building and improved physical performance.  It is also an anti-aging peptide that reverses cellular senescence (when the cell stops working).  MOTS-c functions to activate the mitochondrial genome, thereby increasing mitochondrial biogenesis.  This process happens through the inhibition of the methionine-folate cycle, resulting in purine synthesis and increased PCG-1 alpha and AICAR, all of which play vital roles in energy metabolism via AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).  By stimulating AMPK, cellular senescence is in part reversed.

Benefits of MOTS-c include decreased insulin resistance, better transport of sugars to muscle cells, fat loss, increased energy, greater resistance to metabolic stress and improved health and lifespan. 

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