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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Specialist

Amethyst Wellness

Aesthetic Specialists & Preventive Medicine Specialists located in Palm Coast, FL

Amethyst Wellness in Palm Coast, Florida was founded to promote health and prevent illness. The disease of overweight and obesity affects millions of Americans and increases risk for chronic disease. Decreasing excess weight can help prevent disease and enhance quality of life.



Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Amethyst Wellness has partnered with Florida Coast Weight Loss Center to provide comprehensive, multi disciplinary and individualized weight loss plans.


Monthly Comprehensive Program Includes:

1 Visit with Amethyst Wellness Practitioner

1 Health Coaching Session

Access to online Rewire Curriculum

Biometric Body Composition Measurement

Basic Lab order and interpretation

30-day Prescription Medication management (if indicated)


Program does not include cost of medications or labs (may use insurance if indicated)


Why this program works

Successful weight loss depends on 4 pillars of management: Diet, Physical Activity, Emotional Wellness and Medical Management. The online Rewire curriculum guides participants through proper dietary changes, advice on physical activity and behavior modification. Each week participants will learn a new lesson that focuses on one or more of these pillars.

The goal of medical management is to help individuals to achieve weight loss of 5% at 12 weeks. While prescription weight loss can be very effective, the other factors must be addressed to allow for goal achievement and maintenance of weight loss.


Add on options:


Bioidentical Hormone Optimization

Hormone optimization with bioidentical testosterone can assist in weight reduction by increasing energy and lean muscle which in turn increases metabolism. Thyroid hormone optimization also has a direct impact on metabolism.


Lipo (MIC) and B12 injections

Lipo shots contain Vitamin B12, B-complex and the amino acids Methionine, Inositol and Choline. This combination of ingredients is fat burning in nature and increases energy.

B12 shots may be administered separately and may improve metabolism and energy.


Weight Loss Q&A?

What causes unhealthy weight gain?

Several factors contribute to unhealthy weight gain, including genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While you can’t control or change your genetic makeup, you can take steps to prevent, manage, or even cure chronic diseases through a healthy lifestyle.

How can I lose excess weight?

Shifting to a healthier diet and more active lifestyle go a long way toward promoting weight control. Helpful dietary strategies may include swapping out refined starches, such as white bread, with whole-grain alternatives, eating more fruits and vegetables, and choosing lean protein sources such as fish and tofu over fatty meats. Eating mindfully, staying well-hydrated, and learning to healthfully control food portions can also help. To stay active and have fun in the process, make activity enjoyable by adding music, walking with a friend, or trying a variety of classes. Managing stress and aiming for sufficient nightly sleep also play important roles in weight control.

How can a food journal help?

Tracking your daily diet in a journal, app, or document on your computer can enhance weight control by increasing awareness. The more aware you are of your behaviors, the more likely you’ll be to address those in need of improving. A food journal also provides a useful tool for nutrition consultations, allowing Amy Coopersmith to assess your habits accurately and provide effective shifts. For best results, aim for honesty and track your food and drink intake throughout the day, rather than trying to remember later.

How do genetic nutrition and fitness tests work?

Amethyst Wellness has partnered with FitnessGenes to offer DNA tests designed to help you understand what nutrition and exercise steps may be most helpful, based on your genetic makeup. You start by ordering a FitnessGenes DNA test kit, then send your submit your saliva sample for testing. Once your results have been analyzed, you’ll receive customized diet and activity advice.

Check out Amethyst Wellness' FitnessGenes genetic test today!

Thinking about weight loss surgery?

Bariatric surgery, also referred to as weight loss surgery, is an effective treatment for obesity that can reverse some obesity-related health conditions such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea, among others.

Amethyst Wellness is proud to have partnered with Florida Coast Weight Loss Center. Call 386-585-4895 for more information.


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Announcing the new and revised Second Edition of Dr. Amy's Guide to Weight Loss and Wellness: A Step-by-step Healthy Approach to Nutrition. Featuring updated meal plans and recipes. Start your journey toward wellness today.

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Emotional Wellness is a critical factor in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Many people find that meditation is helpful to achieve a mindset conducive to weight loss success.

Click here for a sample meditation from Jerry Coopersmith, CCHT.

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