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Carrying excess pounds is common and brings a variety of health risks. Healthy dietary and lifestyle changes can help you slim down while enhancing your overall wellness. At Amethyst Wellness in Palm Coast, Florida, Amy Coopersmith, ARNP offers nutrition consultations, meal planning, and more that can help facilitate weight loss.

Weight Loss Q & A

What causes unhealthy weight gain?

Several factors contribute to unhealthy weight gain, including genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While you can’t control or change your genetic makeup, you can take steps to prevent, manage, or even cure chronic diseases through a healthy lifestyle.

Amethyst Wellness provides the following services to help you on your weight control journey:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Food journal analysis
  • Genetic testing
  • Goals and meal plan development
  • Nutrition consultations, including follow-ups and goal revision as needed

How can I lose excess weight?

Shifting to a healthier diet and more active lifestyle go a long way toward promoting weight control. Helpful dietary strategies may include swapping out refined starches, such as white bread, with whole-grain alternatives, eating more fruits and vegetables, and choosing lean protein sources such as fish and tofu over fatty meats. Eating mindfully, staying well-hydrated, and learning to healthfully control food portions can also help. To stay active and have fun in the process, make activity enjoyable by adding music, walking with a friend, or trying a variety of classes. Managing stress and aiming for sufficient nightly sleep also play important roles in weight control.

How can a food journal help?

Tracking your daily diet in a journal, app, or document on your computer can enhance weight control by increasing awareness. The more aware you are of your behaviors, the more likely you’ll be to address those in need of improving. A food journal also provides a useful tool for nutrition consultations, allowing Amy Coopersmith to assess your habits accurately and provide effective shifts. For best results, aim for honesty and track your food and drink intake throughout the day, rather than trying to remember later.

How do genetic nutrition and fitness tests work?

Amethyst Wellness has partnered with FitnessGenes to offer DNA tests designed to help you understand what nutrition and exercise steps may be most helpful, based on your genetic makeup. You start by ordering a FitnessGenes DNA test kit, then send your submit your saliva sample for testing. Once your results have been analyzed, you’ll receive customized diet and activity advice.

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