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Alternative Treatment Options for Viral Infections

Options for the prevention and treatment of viral infections

As many things are currently out of our control, we’d like to offer some naturopathic options to keep you healthy. Please understand that these treatments are complementary, and we cannot make any claims that they will cure or prevent disease. There has however been quite bit of research to support the use of naturopathic treatments.

IV Nutrition formulas contain a variety of nutrients including Vitamin C, Zinc and Lysine which combat viral infections. We strongly recommend an IV push of Glutathione which is a very powerful antioxidant. Personally, both Jerry and I have used IV Nutrition at the onset of an upper respiratory infection and found complete resolution of symptoms.

There are 2 more treatment options that do not require in-person treatment. The first is an innovative peptide therapy called Thymosin Alpha-1. This is a medication that is self-injected twice weekly. This therapy is very effective against viral infections. Please see our separate blog post for more information. Existing clients at Amethyst Wellness can do a telephone consult with Jerry. The medication can then be ordered and delivered to your home.

Finally, many oral vitamins are effective against infection. Vitamin C can be taken up to 2,000mg three times daily. This helps the immune system fight off infection. This amount of Vitamin C can be hard on the stomach so start with 500mg and increase as tolerated. Our favorite vitamin supplier is Pure Encapsulations which is free of additives and preservatives:

Glutathione can also be taken orally. We highly recommend the Liposomal form which allows for optimal absorption. Other forms may be broken down by stomach acid and therefore not as effective.


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Here’s to your health,


Dr. Amy


Dr. Amy Coopersmith

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