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Hormone Pellets, Testosterone optimization in Men

At Amethyst Wellness, we have found time and again that the Biote method of  Hormone Optomization is the best and most evidenced based system available. 

Hormone levels are optimized at specific target goals that have proven to reduce specific Chronic Disease States. 

Just a few examples are as follows: 

1) research indicates that in men Tesosterone levels maintained at 900 ng/dl protect against the developement of Alzheimer's Disease. 

2) Tesosterone levels of 840 or better decreases the overall Mortality from aggressive Prostate Cancer

3) Testosterone levels above 450 protects against the development of Type 2 Diabetes

4) Testosterone above 432 protects agains general fatigue and loss of libido

5) Tesosterone above above 380 protects against Heart Disease

6) Testosterone above 283 protects against Depression and Erectile Dysfunction. 

Hormone optimization alone is not the answer to all problems however, it is important that we in medicine begin to address the root cause of Medical problems and chronic disease states.

For too many years medicine has been episodically treating conditions. If you are depressed, they give you a pill, if your cholesterol is high they give you a pill. If you are having trouble in the bedroom, they give you a pill. If they do not hear back from you, then they assume you are cured. 

Amethyst Wellness, in partnership with ´╗┐Biote´╗┐, offers a system of  of hormone optimization and holistic follow up that finally offers not only treatment of the root causes of many of these issues, but also progressive longitudial follow up. 

Only through continued assessments and by working in partnership with our patients can we ensure opitmal health and wellness. 

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