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Why we Decided to Join Forces with Biote for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy(BHRT)



Why We Decided to Join Forces with Biote-Medical for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.


                By Jerald Coopersmith, MSN, ARNP-BC


At Amethyst Wellness and Associates, we are committed to looking at the whole patient. This is the reason that we made the decision to join forces with Biote- Medical. 


As an organization, we were aware of Bio-Identical Hormones and how they can be of long and short-term benefit. Through my studies – I was aware of the research showing that synthetic Hormones and Bio-Identical are not the same thing.


Since The Women’s Health Initiative studies in 2002, patients’ suffering from perii- Menopausal  symptoms had much fewer options than in the past. Doctors became hesitant to prescribe HRT due to potential hazardous side effects.


However, through the research of different pioneers in medicine, we discovered that those studies were performed with synthetic hormones and not Bio-identical Hormones. In fact, Bio-Identical Hormones have been researched since 1939, and have shown that they not only are effective in reducing peri-menopausal symptoms but also have long term benefits of reducing and reversing the incidence and severity of Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease. They can help to increase energy, increase libido, improve depression and in general help a patient to gain a new perspective. They can help with sleep and decrease symptoms associated with insulin resistance Diabetes and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. There are even some Oncologist that have used Testosterone Pellets to shrink Breast Cancer.

Eventually, we came into contact with “Biote-Medical”. We had the knowledge and the interest in BHRT, but did not know how to get started or how to properly prescribe BHRT.


Biote had that experience.  Tens of Thousands of patients have been treated with their model. They offer an outstanding training program and continued Sales and Marketing Support. Dr. Dondivich has collected years or research and expertise- to make this a truly evidence-based practice. Their approach is truly holistic- looking at the entire patient- not just Hormone replacement. Biote emphasize supplements which sensitize receptors, making certain that the Hormones go down the proper pathways so that they are utilized by the body in the most efficient way.  They look at Thyroid and Vitamin D levels. They utilize Probiotics to make certain that food is absorbed and metabolized properly.


At Amethyst wellness we pride ourselves on being holistic and evidence-based.  We look at the entire person,  to bring about long and lasting change. To Provide quality of life, not just extending time.


We are so proud to be a provider of the Biote product line. It has been beneficial for us and for our patients!


Please visit the website below for more information on Biote-Medical.




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