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Peptides for Weight Loss

I have been studying and training in peptide therapy as part of my functional medicine practice with Amethyst Wellness.Peptides are different than anything else I have encountered in medicine. They are Amino Acid sequences that send messages to an organ, causing it to secrete a particular hormone. The difference between Peptides and Hormones are that Hormones are more the end-result of a message, whereas the Peptides are the message. As we get older, we tend to lose the rhythm of life. Our sleep/wake patterns change, our eating and exercising patterns change as well. How and when the Peptides are delivered have as much to do with their success as do the Peptides themselves. Life, like water running over rock, causes certain pathways to be cut in that rock. Peptides help our brains to remember old long forgotten pathways. Work, stress, marriage, kids and sleep deprivation all cause us to forget these old pathways and lose our joy in life.Many times the problem is not a deficit in hormone production. Rather it is the pattern of release that changes with age. The things that are not as easily measurable are very subtle changes in how the patient feels and starts to think about themselves and their abilities. It seems this rhythm of life, that we lose as we age, not only effects things such as sleep, but our moods and feelings. Even how we see ourselves.

As a Hypnotherapist who works with weight loss patients, I have become convinced that the biggest stumbling block in this area is a person’s concept of themselves. As long as you see yourself as old, fat, past your prime, tired and unattractive, those are the things your will become. If you start to see weight loss as easy and fun, you will be able to move your mindset from something that you want to happen in the future to something that already exists inside of you. This will allow for more dramatic changes.

This is where Peptides can help. Peptides through their rhythmic/pulsatile delivery system can help our brains to remember how and when to release hormones. It is almost like remembering how things used to be, a retraining of the neural pathways. This leads to an overall feeling of “Well-being” and can enhance normal body functions.

There are 3 main peptides that can assist in your weight loss journey. It’s important to note that no product can overcome bad habits. A person must lead a healthy lifestyle in order for any modality to be effective.


CJC 1295/Ipamorelin

This is the most common and studied Peptide for weight loss. It has a proven efficacy and safety profile. Usually within a week, the patient will notice an improvement in deep wave sleep. In about 2-3 weeks, skin will appear healthier and more hydrated. You may then notice subtle changes in your overall body morphology. The real weight loss results occur after at least 3 months of use.

This Peptide is delivered by self- injection at night, 90 minutes after your last meal. You would take this for 5 days on and then take a break for 2 days. This causes the anterior pituitary to secret growth hormone, which sets off a natural cascade in your body, which ultimately causes, improvement in skin, increased deep wave sleep, increase in muscular growth, increase in fat burning and improvement in your immune system function.



This Peptide is FDA approved and used to treat stubborn belly fat. Too much adipose tissue around the organs in the abdomen can increase risk for disease. Tesamorelin, also delivered by daily self-injection, dramatically increases human growth hormone- even more than CJC/Ipamorelin.  This peptide is preferred for individuals who have a large amount of weight to lose.



This is the only weight loss peptide that is taken orally. This Peptide works on the Grehlin receptors as well as growth hormone receptors. This has the effect of dramatically increasing the human growth hormone levels, but in addition blocks somatostatin which opposes human growth hormone. Mk-677 is effective for fat burning in addition to muscle development. One side effect is an increase in appetite due to its effect on the Grehlin receptors. This is essential for muscle growth.

Many times we use Tesamorelin in addition to Mk-677 for a great combination of fat burning and muscular development.


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Jerald Coopersmith, ARNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner- certified in Family Medicine- ANCC
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