• 5 Signs That You May Have Low "T"

    by Dr. Amy Coopersmith
    on Oct 6th, 2017

5 Signs That You May Have Low T

I am amazed at how many of my clients are shocked to discover they have low testosterone.

Low T affects both men and women. Many times we aren't feeling well and seek help from our health care providers. We may be told there's nothing wrong with us. We're just "getting older".  Our labs are "normal".  Maybe we just need an antidepressant. It can be confusing but one thing is certain. We know that we do not feel well. Hormone imbalance is often overlooked.

Here are some signs that could indicate low testosterone:


At Amethyst Wellness, we believe in optimizing hormone levels. We treat every patient as an individual to help you feel radiant from the inside out.

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Author Dr. Amy Coopersmith

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