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Amethyst Wellness in Palm Coast and St. Augustine, Florida is now offering Poly-MVA, a cutting edge treatment for mitochondrial support.

During the aging process and in chronic disease, individuals experience a decrease in mitochondria (the key organelle responsible for energy production- the power house of the cell). Symptoms of decreased mitochondrial function include fatigue, neuropathy and brain fog and lack of appetite as well as other signs of “aging”.

Poly-MVA is a uniquely formulated combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

The complex mixture of Alpha Lipoic Acid is attached to a palladium molecule which allows the product to cross the blood-brain barrier. The patented formula also includes vitamins B1, B2, and B12, formyl-methionine, N-acetyl cysteine, molybdenum, rhodium and ruthenium. This formulation is designed to provide energy for compromised body systems by changing the electrical potential of human cells and facilitating aerobic metabolism in the cell. Because it’s both water and fat soluble, it can penetrate all body tissues.

Taken orally, Poly-MVA acts as a free radical scavenger. It’s able to cross the cell membrane and transfer electrons to DNA in the mitochondria, which protects against DNA damage. The ability to donate electrons to the mitochondria is the key to its effectiveness. This provides an alternative energy source. This can boost the immune system by replenishing key nutrients and supporting cellular metabolism.

Several studies have shown that Poly-MVA administration increases aerobic metabolism and reduces oxidative stress in the tissues (Sudheesh et al.,2009, 2010; Ajith et al., 2014).

The Palliative Care Study (2010) demonstrated an improvement in cognitive, emotional and social functioning, improvement in appetite and decrease in fatigue and sleep disturbances among those using Poly-MVA. Poly-MVA also can mitigate the effects of radiation on mitochondria in cancer patients.

While Poly-MVA can assist with symptoms associated with chronic disease, it can also help prevent consequences of oxidative stress in healthy individuals. For example, strenuous exercise is associated with an increase in oxidative stress and development of free radicals. Poly-MVA can help prevent tissue damage and assist with exercise recovery.

Many clients experience an increase in energy, improvement in focus and mental clarity, decreased muscle soreness and overall increased sense of well being when using Poly-MVA. The formulation comes in an oral mixture and is taken daily, just like any other vitamin.

Could Poly-MVA be a good choice for you? Call today for your free consultation:

386-283-4180 in Palm Coast or 904-209-3009 in St. Augustine


Stay Healthy,




Jerald Coopersmith, ARNP-BC Nurse Practitioner- certified in Family Medicine- ANCC

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