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Top 5 reasons women need testosterone

Top 5 reasons women need testosterone



A recent addition to our wellness practice is natural bioidentical hormone pellet replacement therapy.  Many of my female clients are surprised to hear they may be deficient in testosterone. Women naturally make testosterone which serves various functions in the body. However, women as young as 25 may begin to experience decreased production of testosterone with up to 50% reduction by age 40 which is associated with a variety of common symptoms.

  1. Testosterone is made in a woman's ovaries

As a woman ages, she experiences a decrease in testosterone production. Bioidentical testosterone mimics the testosterone made in a woman's ovaries and provides symptom relief while protecting health.


  1. Testosterone helps maintain strong bones

Peak bone mass is reached around age 30.  Bone loss accelerates when a woman reaches menopause. Women using natural testosterone pellet therapy have up to an 8.3% increase in bone density.


  1. Testosterone helps develop lean muscle mass and helps with weight loss

After age 30, we lose 3-5% of muscle mass for each decade. Natural testosterone replacement along with healthy diet and exercise helps build lean muscle which helps speed metabolism.


  1. Testosterone improves energy and mood (and it improves sex drive)

Symptoms of low testosterone include, fatigue, trouble sleeping and loss of sex drive. Women in particular, have increased irritability and anxiety and depression.


  1. Testosterone helps prevent certain chronic diseases

Low testosterone increases risk of Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes.  Natural testosterone therapy improves memory, focus and concentration, decreases cholesterol and protects the breast.


At Amethyst Wellness, we use subcutaneous hormone pellets from BioTe which provide predictable hormone levels that remain relatively constant for 4-5 months.  Testosterone hormone pellets are plant based and bioidentical which means that its molecular structure is exactly the same as the hormone your body produces. Pellet therapy provides consistent delivery of hormones throughout the treatment cycle, avoiding fluctuations of hormone levels.

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